Save the Sharp Farm of Pocahontas County
History and heritage in Slatyfork, West Virginia.
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Oct 3, 2006
4:32 am
Hi Folks,
I am concerned about the article I recently read in the WV Pocahontas Times concerning the Dave Sharp Farm in Slaty Fork. I want to help STOP the proposal for the acquisition of the Dave Sharp Farm field via eminent domain. Many aspects of this natural wonderland of nature in all it's beauty are at risk.
What horrible intentions these business men have, and who knows how far it would go if they succeed. All for a undesirable sewage plant to accomodate a big business and profit making stangers. They have no true understanding of nor feeling for the history and natural heritage of West Virginia, especially the area in question. What an unjust blow to the family of Sharps and the area at risk if this proposal would succeed.

Please add your name to the petition against this land grabbing eminent- domain law. I would like to encourage you to add your letter and comments on this PETITION FORUM.
A big thanks to David Fleming who put this Forum together for those of us who want to add our voice. ,,,Thanks Pat Johnson
Oct 3, 2006
12:14 pm
Re: Petition
David Fleming - Green Bank, West Virginia
Oct 6, 2006
12:05 am
Re: Petition
Larry Camp - Virginia, frequent visitor to Pocahontas County
Oct 6, 2006
11:59 am
Re: Petition
Charles Wallace- Westminster, MD I have spent many formative months in this beautiful area. It would be criminal to see this wonderful area become dirtied by big business.
Oct 10, 2006
9:33 am
Re: Petition
David Akers, Parkersburg WV

I fish the Slaty Fork area on a regular basis. I am beginning to see a repeat of this state's history with big out of state business along with a courtship in Charleston . I totally understand tax base and job source. But at what cost and who has to pay it. The more I read and ask about this situation the more confused I become. As I walked the railroad tracks yesterday and thought not only of the history,the stream and the beauty of the area..........I seen the rape of this state in the 20's and 30's all coming in play again. I do think the answer lies in Charleston.How to get it , I'm not sure. Maybe we need another march to Blair Mountain. I'd love to see every enviromental group, every trout fishermen and every mountaineer one could muster to rally in force against this....Such a shame . I was also very surprised at those around the state do not know about this.
Oct 12, 2006
6:01 pm
Re: Petition
I'm Lou Blank From Cincy.

Being a long time friend of the Sharp family I have visited this homestead several times. Camped on middle meadow, climbed the rocks, helped trim and clean the cemetary among other things.Some of my best memories was just sitting and listening to the old stories Uncle Si had to tell. My name appears in the store's guest journals several times always saying . "It's nice to be back".
I have been following this since day 1 ; being a reader of The Pocahontas Times. Hopefully I can get back there before bad weather hits. I have a lot of pictures of the homestead going back to the early 1980's Tom might want to have.
Also keep your eyes open, I plan on writing the Times letter to the editor. The Sharp family homestead is truely worth more to WV as one of the last few pristine examples of Americana left.To spoil this is simply an idiotic mistake made by big business and politics. You can be sure someone somewhere is getting their "pockets lined" at the cost of the little guy.
Oct 17, 2006
10:22 am
Re: Petition
Ehrrin Keenan from Pittsburgh, PA - originally from Fayetteville, WV.
Oct 22, 2006
9:33 pm
Re: Petition
It sickens me to think this beautiful little valley will be submerged in the smells of a boiling, stinking sewage treatment plant for Snowshoe. Our lovely God-given crystal clear 'wild' spring/creek will be nullified by white, foaming effluent flowing from this atrocity. Surely the powers that be in this County and State will see the uncorrectible fiasco we are headed for by placing Snowshoe's sewer plant on dangerous, sinkhole laden karst. Safe public property is available for $1 and is offered by the Governor for the taking. Move it now~!
Nov 3, 2006
9:17 am
Re: Petition
Snowshoe grows and spreads like a malignant cancer, and this makes it apparent there is little to no respect for the land they use to make their income nor the people who reside adjacent to them. And honestly, it's the worst mountain resort I've ever been to (food is awful, service is awful and the shops are all closed even on the weekends), so I don't get it anyway.

Eminent domain was predictable. I'm alarmed and sickened. Next it will be my own Hannah family cemetery they disrepectfully plow over as the "Old Field" becomes a new neighborhood and sewer.

Autumn Kruer
Bedford, KY
Nov 3, 2006
10:08 am
Re: Petition
Althea Gray
Manchester, NH
Nov 3, 2006
10:36 am
Re: Petition
Eminent domain has become something it was not meant to be or created for. It's use is exploited by corporations and builders thinking only of their monetary gain - with no consideration at all for the life it disrupts be it human or creature. Eco-systems stand no chance against eco-nomics if left alone to big business and politics.

Wendy McMillen - South Bend, Indiana
Nov 3, 2006
11:00 am
Re: Petition
Kimber Bush
Monroe, Michigan
Nov 3, 2006
6:54 pm
Re: Petition
Diane Myers
Vernon, CT
Nov 3, 2006
7:14 pm
Re: Petition
I'm alarmed by the national trend for eminent domain. Surely we can not allow our own land and homesteads be taken over by big business. They use "jobs" and "economic growth" as justification for there raping of our lands. This trend must stop and stop now. We as citizens must stand up for our rights and the rights of our ancestors to keep our land. If we don't what will become of this beautiful land that we love and enjoy due in part to the hard work our previous generations worked so hard to create. I live in Cleveland, but was born in Wv and still claim the beautiful state as my HOME. They don't call it "Almost Heaven" for nothing! A sewage plant here would not only be a waste of heritage and homestead but a complete insult to the residents of this beautiful land.
Nov 4, 2006
7:03 am
Re: Petition
Julie Summerell
Raleigh, NC
Nov 4, 2006
8:41 am
Re: Petition
Being a native child of Webster Co. WV and loving the land that I grew up on I certainly don't want to see more of our beautiful West Virginia taken from it's beauty to a "sewer dump." I have visited the area of the Sharp farm many times over the years of my life and sure don't want to see another historical location of this great state sacrificed for such usage as this. Snowshoe is a nice place for those who want to partake of its offerings but as for this native I think it's high time that we who grew up in WV stand up and speak up for the preservation of what our forefathers fought and died for. The Sharp farm is certainly one of those places. Snowshoe has taken plenty of land for their recreational purposes but enough is enough. Eminent Domain is going to take over our entire state if we allow that to happen and I for one am not only alarmed but fed up with those who are even thinking of treating the people of West Virginia this way. So to those who are working to see the land turned into a garbage pit I say BOO HISS, you should be removed from ever setting foot into my beautiful home state of West Virginia. Lets ban together and protect what we have come to know as ALMOST HEAVEN. And who's idea was it to change our state slogan from ALMOST HEAVEN, WEST VIRGINIA to what I am reading on the signs now.
Nov 4, 2006
9:58 pm
Re: Petition
STOP the sewage plant on the Sharp Farm and save our
Beautiful mountains!
Nov 4, 2006
10:18 pm
Re: Petition
Tom I think you are doing a great job and I hope your work pays off. I am a Sharp cousin thru William III's bro. John. Their father William Jr(II)is my ggg grandfather. If this sewer project goes thru several individuals and families past and present will either get knocked off their feet or turn over in their graves. These people not only opened up Pocahontas Co. but West Virginia as a whole. Some are even responsible for WV becoming a state. Since the first American settlers there has not been 1 war that hasn't had some Sharp blood donated to the cause. Has that not meant anything ? Now Canada is invading. And not only winning but getting US dollars (Sharp tax dollars) to do so. This makes no sense whatsoever.
Keep up the fight.
Nov 5, 2006
12:43 am
Re: Petition
STOP the sewage plant on the Sharp farm.
Nov 5, 2006
8:42 am
Re: Petition
Nancy Daniel
Greensboro, NC
Nov 5, 2006
9:11 am
Re: Petition
I don't know if I should be posting this under the petition section, but I feel a need to comment here that Snowshoe is merely a large business trying to get its way; the real fault and villian in this lies in the local government who sells out their own, allows them to hide behind their skirts so it does not appear to be a business stealing private property from an individual, and would allow and even push for theft of a private citizen's lands to appease them. Every family member I have talked to in WV knows that this is exactly what is happening and few support it; in fact, are sickened by it but are not surprised. Everyone who has roots in WV knows this is the same old, same old, and why many of families have been forced to leave West Virginia. It's eminent domain abuse and obvious eminent domain abuse. Who do they think they're fooling? HB 4048 was lip service, pretend/feel good-law.

I admire Tom and what he's doing, taking a stand, but he needs our support because we must stand as a force against blatant disregard for individual rights. Historically, West Virginia's individuals have fought alone and lost; in fact, most people in the Appalachian region have lost to the mines, the lumber, and now the recreational systems when they rear their powerful heads with the backing of sweetheart deals with government. Yet it's in our blood to keep fighting when we see injustice and blatant disrespect for individual rights - and it is that that I love the most about the Mountain State.
Nov 5, 2006
1:40 pm
Re: Petition
Stop the use of eminent domain to take land from the Sharp family. Relocate the sewage plant and protect our rights.
Nov 5, 2006
9:35 pm
Re: Petition
Nov 6, 2006
4:09 pm
Re: Petition
Shelli Sharp - Parma Heights, Ohio.

Roger Sharp is my father (see post from Nov. 4th).

I come to Marlinton/Edray every year for my family reunion. This past year, I drove up through Slaty Fork for some sightseeing. I saw the signs, "Save our farm from eminent domain," and was greatly saddened. Now I am outraged. Not only is this pristine land being threatened with the possibility of becoming a sewage dump for a company not even based in the US, but I am taking it as a direct assault on my family. WRONG.

Nov 10, 2006
11:57 pm
Re: Petition
I think its such a shame that this has even become an issue. The Sharp family has not only owned, worked and lived on this land all this time, but they've been such a contributing factor to the growth and history of the area and the state. They've not only worked hard to take care of their land, home and business, and preserved all they could for their history, but they've also helped to do the same for their region and state. They've been active in fighting for their country all along the way.
They've given freely of themselves for no reason other than they wanted to do so. They have loved their land, their home, their state, their nation generation after generation. Its families like this who founded this nation. I have the utmost respect for the Sharps and families like them.

How do we thank them? Do we let people come in and turn all this family has worked for and held sacred for generations and use it for sewage disposal? I think its ridiculous that eminent domain can be used for private business purposes in the first place. It seems to me this is blatant misuse of eminent domain. Perhaps Snowshoe does bring employment to the area, but their poor planning should not cost the Sharps their land. I don't understand how ANY consideration could even be given to allowing them to take over the land belonging to the Sharps with the offer of alternate public land from Gov. Joe Manchin. If there are alternatives, there should never be a question of taking someone's private property. I pray whoever makes the decision has a heart and common sense enough to see they should use the public land instead of Sharp's land.
Nov 12, 2006
8:23 pm
Re: Petition
Hello all,

I'm encouraged to see all of you that have not given up. Thanks! It is true that this is such a beautiful, unique place that can show how wondrous God's creation can be. Did you ever see the fracture patterns in the stream bed rock exposures in front of the store or see the very well preserved fossils in the stream bed around the bridge? Someday I hope to bring my whole family to see this area as it is. Let's do whatever we can to stop this wrong.

Thanks, Rick
Nov 15, 2006
8:23 pm
Re: Petition
In this message I give my full support to Tom Shipley of the Sharp Farm.

Tom has done nothing wrong to deserve being violated by local government officials who want something they don't have so they can try to destroy a mans life to better themselves. Snowshoe ski resort should be boycotted for their involvement in violating private property rights no matter who owns it.

Build your sewer plant on your own lands or even use state owned land that was offered for the project by Governor Manchin. Do what is right and let Tom alone to live his life in peace.

I have stood side by side with Tom to fight this issue before and I will surely do it again. Any day, any time ! Look for me, I'll be there again.


check out and find out how private property rights all over this country are being violated for others private gains.
Get involved, you could be next.

Tom Shipley is a good man........LEAVE HIM ALONE........leave us all alone !!!


William Bennett Jr.
Nov 18, 2006
11:59 am
Re: Petition
Hey, William Bennett - I'll go in on a huge Gadsden flag to fly over the Sharp farm with you. :-)
Dec 27, 2006
7:16 pm
Re: Petition
Sharon Caruso,Ronceverte, WV

Jan 21, 2007
9:32 am
Re: Petition
i support the sharp farm, and it should be left alone. allow the sharp family to make their own decision with their PRIVATELY owned land. i feel that the ski resorts have enough money and land, to deal with their sewage problems. the county commission sold out on the representation of local land owners on their awful decision to go forward with this process! Tommy Fuller
Jan 29, 2007
11:09 pm
Re: Petition
As a caver who has been to Sharps Cave, I agree with this protest 100%.

This is a great website. Do you guys have some other ideas as to how to stop this proposal... letters to the governor, protests, etc.
Feb 14, 2007
12:10 pm
Re: Petition
In researching eminent domain it is interesting that the term "blighted" is a key factor in determining in most cases if eminent domain can be rightfully established for "the public good." In this case of Slatyfork and the Sharp Family Farm it is the perfect example of the term "ironic".

It is obvious there will be no Slatyfork public use or public good of this sewage treatment facility. The Public it will serve come from other communities, states and countries who do not and will not give a second thought to the fact that their excrement will be floated down natural resources and ultimately "blighting" a community they will only by-pass with a drive through at the blink of an eye.

This is obviously a case of abuse of eminent domain to benefit developers. (Talk to the locals to find out more.)

Hopefully the developers will use their common sense and do the right thing as they see the support from the community and the protests from visitors and the customers of Snowshoe alike about this sewage site proposal and utilizing eminent domain to get it.

If not then hopefully the courts and the Judges will have common sense.

Add my name to the petition.

Nancy Hight
Cedar Grove, NC
Feb 15, 2007
10:39 pm
Re: Petition
As a native of Pochontas county, I could not believe that someone was trying to take a part of the Sharp farm. That is such a beautiful piece of land to destroy with a waste water treatment plant. It would not only destroy the land and scenery but the rivers and streams around it. I grew up swimming in the Greenbrier river, climbing the hillsides and going for Suday drives to Slaty Fork. This must be stopped, don't let an out of hand emminent domain take control.

Clara S. Heydorn
Cuyahoga Falls, OH
(formerly of Marlinton, WV)
Feb 25, 2007
9:16 pm
Re: Petition
Ditto to Pat Johnson comments. I just recently hear a comment which never sounded more true to the business intrest of Snowshoe development. "If you have a sewage system in place it-the area will be more attractive to businesses wanting to locate there."
If Snowshoe wants a sewer plant I say stick it on the mountian with the rest of the development and leave the lowlands alone.
Sign me up as a no vote for the sewage plant.
Mar 21, 2007
4:38 pm
Re: Petition
Miranda Logar
Atlanta, Ga.

I'm from Valley Head, WV. I think the way that they are trying to polute the beautiful land and take something that belongs to these great people is disgusting. This is part of my family. I, through the line, am related to the Bennetts and Sharps. My Great- Grandmother, a Cherokee Indian, Maddie Bennett, was one of the first people to have land in this area. Don't let it go to the trash! Please!
Mar 29, 2007
1:49 pm
Re: Petition
Please add my name to the petition. I agree with saving the area from outsiders. I am Stephen McLaughlin, descendent of early settlers McGlaughlin, Yeager, Bible, Dilleys and more from Pocahontas.
Stephen McLaughlin
Christiansburg, Virginia
Apr 7, 2007
2:28 am
Re: Petition
Tom Coyle

Missouri City, TX

Add my name. Eminent Domain will be the death of us all! Fight it with every last breath!
Apr 22, 2007
5:29 pm
Re: Petition
I spent all my "summers" ages 5-16 (1953-1964) on Minnie & Pearl Keslers farm on Back Mountain. I have always looked back to those times as the best years of my life. Friendly people, beautiful country, hard work, yes grandpa made us work all summer.

I have often thought that kids these days are really missing out on what I was able to experience in West Virginia. I used to wander on the mountain below Bald Knob, sit under an apple tree in the field and look 50-100 miles away on a clear day.

We ate like horses and never gained a pound. Too much work and play and loving every minute of it. Spent some days at the bus garage at Green Bank High School where my grandfather was the mechanic.

I live in California and my last visit was in 1977 to my Uncle Paul's farm. My mother was Alleene Kesler, Paul's sister.

Do everything you can to save the beauty of Pocahontas County. It is irreplaceable.

Dave Marsh
PO Box 191
Aptos,CA 95001
Apr 28, 2007
3:50 pm
Re: Petition
Hi, I just wanted to say that I drove by the store/farm a few weeks ago, and I love the beauty of the area. I want to kayak the Elk River, but without any sewage in it. I come to WV often, and I don't want to see a sewage treatment plant ruining water quality for the area and many area downstream.
Apr 28, 2007
6:37 pm
Re: Petition
Jonathan Mayhew- Morgantown, West Virginia.

As a native West Virginian, I have always been active in outdoor activities, including camping, fishing, boating, and yes, even skiing, in the mountain state. Some of the most beautiful places on the east coast are located here in our back yard, and it is appalling to see our state's natural beauty destroyed by big business. What seems even more troubling with this issue is the misuse of eminent domain; from the available information on this issue, and from the comments made on this board by local residents, it seems that eminent domain in this case is benefiting private business interests rather than the public good. This is a blatant abuse of the public trust, and it creates a slippery slope which calls into question just what should be considered "the public good" in seizing private property. Is this what Governor Manchin means by West Virginia being "open for business?" I, for one, will be making an angry phone call to his office, and I urge others to do the same- it could very well be your property that gets seized next. Good luck with your efforts in saving this valuable piece of West Virginian beauty- let's keep our state "Wild and Wonderful!"
Apr 30, 2007
2:44 pm
Re: Petition
Save our rural, ecologically sensitive areas from big business!!!!
Jun 7, 2007
12:24 am
Re: Petition
my name is matt eduardo linda's son i grew up at the farm and ran all through those hills when i was growin up it was the most enjoyable times of my life it makes me angry to think that they want to do this do my home. i havent lived there for a very long time but ill always love it and i want to get more involved if i can i just dont know what i can do if some one can help me out email me at i will do any thing i can to save that land and all the land that will be destroyed for the pipe line . ill camp out under that tree if i have to
Jun 8, 2007
1:24 am
Re: Petition
Bob Jackson-Bluefield, WV

I first learned of the Sharp Farm story via WVNS, CBS59, out of Ghent/Beckley, today.

Eminent domain abuse must be opposed at every opportunity. Today, a man gets some chump change offer for his land; someday he'll get offered "your land or your life"; even later, he won't get an offer at all, because nobody will own anything but the politicians and those who kneel before them.

Now, this all seems like a pretty over the top comment, but so does what I read about the Sharp farm...
Jun 11, 2007
3:29 pm
Re: Petition
Amy Trader - Nutter Fort, WV

From someone who appreciates WV's natural beauty

Jun 11, 2007
4:01 pm
Re: Petition
John Pramik

Snowshoe Condo Owner

I bought a condo in WV to be in clean area and enjoy nature. Using EMINENT DOMAIN to create a bad plant is a good reason for me to sell and get a home on another state. Do not destroy the rivers!
Jun 18, 2007
2:26 pm
Re: Petition
I am a resident of Webster County and a regular fisherman of the upper Elk River which will be devastated by the proposed sewage project. Given the countless county residents, as well as tourists, who fish the upper Elk, it seems that they would be a great resource to organize to fight the sewage project. We here in Webster County do not want Snowshoe's waste.
Jul 8, 2007
3:49 pm
Re: Petition
As a frequent visitor to Cass and Pocohontas County, I was astonished that anyone would even think of damaging the historical section of land and its associated structures, known as the Sharp Farm. The reason for my visits are primarily for research of history in Pocohontas County. The Sharp Farm is one of the areas that is rich in history and cannot be destroyed and turned into a sewer. People travel to West Virginia to see the "Wild and Wonderful". Within the "Wild and Wonderful" is a treasure of historical sites, such as the Civil War, Logging, Coal Mines and Railroads, just to name a few. Any alteration of the Sharp Farm would destroy historical Coal Mines, Railroad History, Logging History and Archaeological History. What a significant and irreplaceable loss this would be. Whoever is thinking about this absurd idea, of turning the Sharp farm and the area into a sewer, needs to be educated and think about the loss of tourism, which is year round. I'm sure something else could be done to meet the requirements of Snowshoe, without harming the area and it's rich historical significance.
Jul 13, 2007
10:12 am
Re: Petition
I grew up in Pocahontas Co. and I find this proposal to take this land disgusting. No one should ever be able to take your land away from you. Where will the animals live when all the land is destroyed. Keep Sharps Farm green and clean. Don't take these people's and animals home.
Jul 16, 2007
2:17 pm
Re: Petition
Jeremy Bauserman


My views and opinions are my own and not those of Snowshoe Mountain Resort/Fortress.
Sep 23, 2007
3:17 pm
Re: Petition
I do not agree with Snowshoe's proposal at the cost of taxpaying residents, and the environment of West Virginia. It is not open for business
Oct 11, 2007
11:34 pm
Re: Petition
When I grew up in West Virginia, we use to sing a song that is appropriate to this discussion.

"Oh those West Virginia hills how majestic and how grand, with their summits bathed in Glory as in Prince Emmanuals land, If for sea or land I roam, I will think of Happy home and my friends among those West Virginia Hills!"

Doesn't this say it all. I have been gone for 40 years, but I believe the above is still true. "long may it wave...or the land of the free and the home of the Brave" Save the farm! Do they still sing the song or has it been lost in time?

Steve Murrill
Dec 22, 2007
4:27 pm
Re: Petition
Seems like common sense to me, how can you build anything on a land full of caves, sinkholes and boils? Gotta love big business!

Took my first trip down 219 a few months ago and am in love. Do the right thing Snowshoe, keep your sewage where it belongs, on your mountain.