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Jul 30, 2007
6:07 pm
8 Minute interview with George Phillips by Hoppy Kercheval:

George did an 8 minute and 22 second interview on West Virginia Metro News Talkline (a state wide radio show) on Monday, July 30.
WV Metro News usually makes its stories available (both the print version and audio) for about 24 hours or so.
Jul 31, 2007
12:24 pm
Re: 8 Minute interview with George Phillips by Hoppy Kercheval:
Group Calls For Hold On Pocahontas Sewage Project
An environmental group in Pocahontas County isn't against development,if it's done the right way.
That is what George Phillips,with Eight Rivers Safe Development,says about the proposed sewage treatment plant that would potentially serve Snowshoe Mountain Resort and the surrounding areas. An engineering firm, Thrasher Engineering, has recommended a site along Route 219 to the Public Service District in that area.
Phillips says the proposed site is environmentally sensitive,particularly because of the limestone thats located there.
"If any sewages spills or overflows from manholes or leaks from pipes or if there's any problems with the facility,that raw sewage will enter the underground cave system and then contaminate the local groundwater," he said.
His group has made a presentation to the Public Service District about the makeup of the area. The PSD meets again Tuesday night in Durbin. Phillips says they want a hold to be placed on the project to allow time for a wastewater planning workshop.
"It would address all of the needs and look at what are the potential options to a regional plant,a large regional plant" said Phillips,who was a guest on Monday's Metro News Talkline.
He says there are too many questions about the proposed site including whether or not it lies in the flood plain. Eight Rivers Safe Development says it does. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers says it does not.
"It's been a pretty divisive issue," said Phillips when asked about the ongoing debate about the project in Pocahontas County.
"I think folks want to find a better solution. Certainly, there's an issue with eminent domain with a lot of the local residents," he said. "But,I think, there are many groups,including the ski resort,that have a concern about the environment,that want to see the right thing done."