Save the Sharp Farm of Pocahontas County
History and heritage in Slatyfork, West Virginia.
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Mar 20, 2007
2:18 pm
The "Rimfire" Lodge at Snowshoe
While I'm on a roll, I must comment on this, too. "Rimfire" Eli Hamrick was a relative of mine, so not are they only trying to steal the Sharp's farm, they are adding insult to injury by using my relative's name. Rimfire was a pioneer private conservationist way before conservation was a household word and wandered about the mountains. He loved those mountains. He used to speak to groups and children about using land wisely, about respect for the land and the various creatures that inhabited it. If Rimfire were alive right now, he would be furious over the Sharp family's dilemma. I know he's rolling in his grave in Webster Springs over this. How dare they put up some building with his name on it and then pull a stunt like this? How dare they insult my people and Rimfire's name like that? How dare they!?!?!