Save the Sharp Farm of Pocahontas County
History and heritage in Slatyfork, West Virginia.
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Dec 23, 2006
8:00 pm
The Price of Tourism
It saddens me to see anything like the proposed sewage treatment plant imposed on anyone, not to mention someone who has kept their home-place as long as the Sharp family. My mother's people settled in Pocahontas county in the 1700's. I had a camp close to where she was raised until a couple of years ago. Why did I leave? Because of the growth of tourism, aka Snowshoe. I saw farms that were in families for decades sold off and split up and sold for housing developments. It is a shame that someone such as the Sharp's that want to preserve the family farm are forced to give part of it up to benefit a place such as Snowshoe. The Pocahontas county that my mother's family helped settle and that I used to love is forever gone.
Mar 20, 2007
1:53 pm
Re: The Price of Tourism
I understand completely. I'm the first generation since the American Revolution not to be raised somewhere along the Virginia/West Virginia line. I still have a lot of family where Pocahontas/Webster/Randolph Counties meet. I wanted to buy some of the old homeplace back or adjacent lands on Point Mountain (40-45 minutes drive away) but they list it as "close to Snowshoe," inflate the value and now it's being taken over by "summer people," most of who have no appreciation for the land or the culture. Tourism is fine if that tourism embraces the area they are bringing people into, but that is not what's happening; it's more like an invasion.