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Wednesday May 30, 2007
By David Fleming

Last night's (5/29) PSD meeting was the darkest I've attended myself. Yet I wish to remain hopeful as much as possible, so on a positive note I can say that the meeting was also quite revealing. If that can be considered positive.

In short, the PSD intends to carry through with their original vision, eminent domain, Sharp Farm site, and all.

The "alternate site" ruse has played out, the Thrasher Engineering-will-meet-with-Eight-Rivers is not going to happen, and the PSD has officially dissed Eight Rivers Safe Development and the like by claiming that the May 8 meeting wasn't official. "If it had actually occurred," then things might be different, offered Mark Smith. The PSD's rationale is that the May 8 "presentation" is not part of the PSD's official record, as the 2 attendant PSD members (purposefully) did not engage in any dialog.

Rather than "months" as PSD attorney Tom Michael misled us to believe, the WV Infrastructure and Jobs Development Council (IJDC) is meeting TWO DAYS FROM NOW, on Friday, June 1, to likely approve the PSD's $2.5M bond advance and Snowshoe takeover.

Therefore, I will be going to Charleston this Friday to speak to the WV IJDC about the concerns that I and many of you have regarding the PSD's request, so that officials can hear this point of view in person. The public is invited to attend, and if you can make this trip given the short notice, I would very much enjoy seeing you there so that our concerns are that much more prominently displayed.

You may consider this move by me as a formal protest, the first of more to come. It's time boots are on the ground with signs in hand, it's time to assemble and protest. It's time to remove the Durbin PSD from this project, and to pursue the formation of a local Slatyfork PSD instead (in the manner of Canaan Valley's solution when Thrasher knocked on their door). It is time that Snowshoe go on record as being opposed to the use of eminent domain for any new facility. And it is high time to push for the resignations of 2 county commissioners from their posts due to gross negligence in the oversight of their appointed PSD and in their ignorance of public outcry and expert testimony.

I have had enough of this nonsense which threatens to divide a county and to send packing the dreams of deep-rooted mountaineers, and I am ready to stand sign in hand. I hope you are too. Thank you for your support. Thank you very much. Stay tuned to this website for updates.